Wurlitzer 3 manual 22 ranks (23 prepared for) – Solo chamber left had side of stage, Main chamber right hand side of stage.

The Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, Opus 2037
Tuba Mirabilis (Solo)
English Horn (Solo)
Tibia Clausa (Solo)
Kinura (Solo)
Orchestral Oboe (Solo)
Viol d’Orchestre (Solo)
Viol Celeste (Solo)
Krumet (Solo)
Concert Flute Celeste (Main)
Vox Humana (Solo)

The Metropole, Victoria, London, Opus 2013.
Harmonic Tuba (Main)
Diaphonic Diapason (Main)
Violin (Main)
Violin Celeste (Main)
Concert Flute (Main)
Vox Humana (Main)
Xylophone (Main)
Glockenspiel (Main)
Sleigh Bells (Main)
Chimes (Main)

Kimball, The Kimball Demonstration Organ, Chicago, U.S.A.
Trumpet (Main)

Wurlitzer, The George Wright Studio Organ, Pasadena, U.S.A.
Harmonic Trumpet (Solo)

Wurlitzer, U.S.A.
Horn Diapason (Solo)
Oboe Horn (Prepared For) (Main)

Robert Morton, George Wright Hollywood Philharmonic Organ, U.S.A.
Tibia Clausa (Main)

Wurlitzer, The Granada, Wandsworth, London Opus 2197
Clarinet (Main)

Wurlitzer, possibly The Gaumont, Holloway, London Opus 2228
Saxophone (Solo)

Conacher, The Ritz (Odeon), Nottingham
Chrysoglott (Main)

Piano – Roland P330 (Unenclosed)
Vibraharp – Korg X5DR (Unenclosed)
Harp – Allen MDS (Solo)1